Light-Footed Flashing Icon

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Platform: Xbox

Visual Bug

Severity: Minimal

When running the perk “Light-Footed”, anytime the skill check dial passes the Great Skill Check zone the perk icon flashes.

Replication Steps: Run the perk “Light-Footed” and trigger any skill check that has a Normal and Great skill check zone while healthy and let the dial run over the Great skill check zone

There is nothing in the perk description that would suggest this is intentional so its just a visual bug.

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  • EffenBlue
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    same issue, but on PC:

    I played as Ripley

    With this perks: Quick Gambit, Lucky Break, Renewal, Light-Footed (The other three perks don't matter, I've switched them multiple times and the problem is with Light-Footed)

    While using the perk Light-Footed, any time a skill check happens the perk lights up for a second.

    It happens whether on a gen or healing, regardless of the map.

    Sorry the video isn't big enough to show more of the screen, my PC can't handle recording and playing. It lagged so much it booted me from a previous match while trying to record.

    (I played multiple matches after this, so not sure if the log would be helpful or not.)