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Terrible performance on a PC, game is unplayable, need advice on how to fix

morilka Member Posts: 2
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So I played a bit after alien chapter patch, game ran very smooth. Then went on holidays for 10 days, and when I was back home, some weird things happened. From having 120 FPS in-game, I got to 1–10 FPS in menu, didn't even try to find a match, because navigating through menus is painful. Everything freezes constantly, it starts during a load, which is now 3x+ times slower than before

I have very, very good specs - 5800x3d, 4090, 32gb ram, fast SSD, win 11, fast internet connection. Game is installed on game pass and Xbox app.

Basically three things that changed after I was back from holidays are: Windows update, newer Nvidia drivers and one or two DBD patches. Other drivers were already up to date before holidays.

So far I have tried to reinstall the game, delete settings folder in AppData\Local, revert to older Nvidia drivers. I have also tried to revert Windows update, but didn't turn off auto update after that, Windows updated again and restore point is now lost.

Every other game on this PC runs great. I have also played DBD on a laptop, all good there, so it's not my internet connection.

I'm lost and don't know how to fix. Do I just have to wait for a patch now?

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  • Aven_Fallen
    Aven_Fallen Member Posts: 14,339

    Reinstall your GPU drivers and check if the game is actually running with the GPU.

    On my GPU it happened that at some point it was not used anymore, so when I tried to start a game, it would use the graphics chip from my CPU, which had similar results.

  • morilka
    morilka Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for the suggestion, but my CPU doesn't have integrated graphics. Game always runs on GPU. I have tried 537.13 drivers, which I know for a fact can run DBD well on this machine, and the latest one, 537.34 to no excess