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While playing as the Trickster, I damaged a Nea who was broken from Renewal putting her in the deep wound state, and it then healed the deep wound state when the broken status effect was over. The perk only says it heals from injured to healthy, is this a bug, or an unintended side effect of how the perk works?

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    That’s normal. Generally, while deep wound doesn’t count as a health state for purposes of damaging a survivor who was already injured (eg. perks like Dissolution wouldn’t trigger from it), it usually does count as a health state for perks like Renewal that automatically heal a health state after certain conditions are met. Renewal’s healing effect is only canceled if you’re downed, not when deep wounded. So when Renewal’s Broken status effect expires, it removes the deep wound but doesn’t heal the survivor to healthy since that would technically be 2 health states for this purpose.

    The same thing will happen if Adrenaline triggers while in deep wound or if you try to use Inner Healing while in deep wound - in each case the deep wound gets removed but you won’t be fully healed. Also works like this with the syringe addon.

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