Games are Unplayable (Server/Matchmaking Issue)

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I'm not sure if this would be the most appropriate place to share this but I wanted to bring attention to it since it's important. Please take a look at this discussion and comments:

The game has been unplayable for two days now. Matchmaking keeps pushing players to servers they don't belong to even though there are enough players playing. Looks like it's happening to players closer to EU servers. Also before this I would get stuck at "Looking for Match" where you wait endlessly... Something is wrong.

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This is likely a technical issue. Since we do not offer technical support on this platform, it was posted in a proper spot to ask the community for insight and assistance.


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    Edit: It still sucks lol. Every lobby is red ping but my internet is totally fine outside of DbD. Others I get into lobbies with also confirm having similar issues.

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