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Is This Reportable? Please Don't Set Me on Fire.


Okay, so I'm playing Nurse, and I caught a survivor body blocking another in a doorway. I proceeded to blink through them, go after the sandbagger, down them and camp them out of the match.

If the douche clipped me nodding at the other survivor as they left them to die, could that be reportable as working with the other side?

It's just something that crossed my mind after.

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  • Jarky
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    I don't really have a 100% answer for you on this - but I'd say you're better off being safe than sorry. I don't think BHVR are going to work off of 'two wrongs make a right' and if they receive video evidence that looks like it's breaking the following game rule:


    • Working with the opposite team to gain an advantage or grief teammates

    Then they may act on it. I understand your heart was in the right place, but personally, I'd be a bit careful on any gameplay that looks like you're working with a survivor on the other team to grief their team-mate.

    I imagine they're unlikely to ban you temp or otherwise if you're just camping a survivor and nodding at another survivor though - camping isn't breaking the rules and presuming the other survivor wasn't deliberately keeping them in the game longer or either of you are body blocking them back, then I'd imagine you're okay.

    That said, as previously mentioned it's better to be safe than sorry in other circumstances. A video of you working with a survivor and griefing their team-mate, whether they deserved it or not, is potentially something they'd ban for.