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How to deal with Dredges Nightfall?

Farya Member Posts: 94

I just faced Dredge the second time now, and haven't bought her myself yet so i can't go for testing on her.

Just this really newbie-like question: What to do at nightfall, as a Surv? I barely see anything, and lockers are a no-go if playing against Dredge as far as I can remember? You just go on doing gens and stuff, trying to be lucky not to be seen or do you hide somewhere?

Can someone explain what exactly Nightfall does, how to counter it or any specific advice on how to deal against Dredge as a Survivor?

Thanks in advance :)

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  • Im_not_toxic
    Im_not_toxic Member Posts: 161
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    The dredge is undetectable, but glows bright white during nightfall, while also only being able to see within a certain area of you. Just pay attention and you will be fine.

    09SHARKBOSS Member Posts: 727
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    stay with your teammates you won't glow

  • MrDardon
    MrDardon Member Posts: 3,712
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    Remembering map layouts helps. Be aware that the Drege can see you highlighted in white (similar to Myers stalk) when in Nightfall so hiding is risky.

    He is undetectable but has lound breathing noises which can make tracking him easier, he is also quite bright at close distance so you can see him quite easily.

    Stay away from lockers as he can teleport really fast with barely any cooldown during Nightfall, also while being chased. Some Dredges love to spam teleport during Nightfall in chase so you can anticipate that by getting out of LoS near a locker and then double back, making him lose tons of distance.