Nostroma Wreckage - Gens with Multiple BNPs Auto Completing within Seconds

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This is the strangest bug I have ever seen in my 1500 hours of DbD. It could also be an exploit. I am not sure.

Today I loaded into a match on Nostroma Wreckage and noticed one of our players was AFK. The Shape was getting a full stalk off her, so I booked it out of there.

I went to a gen in the corner of the map and started to repair the gen with my toolbox, which had its own BNP. However I was SHOCKED to see that the gen already had about SIX BRAND NEW PARTS already active on it. This happened again later on a gen across the map. Both gens were completed in SECONDS.

I have attached my game log and screenshots from the end of the game. Regrettably I couldn't screencap the 6x BNP Gens bc they literally got completed a few seconds after I touched them.

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  • some_guy1
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    that sounds like a cheater

  • scrunkly
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    i also think this was a cheater. i ran into a cheater last week that gestured me to follow them to a gen, then they installed a bunch of BNPs on it until the gen was able to be completed in about ten seconds.