Please note: Although we may stop by occasionally, this is not a developer Q&A.

What is your favorite year in DBD and why? (You can specify several years at once)

My favorite years were 2018 and 2019. Then, in my opinion, there were some of the best chapters, again for me personally.

I liked the old maps, their visuals, the old character models, the old Freddy, the old Billy, the old balance of perks and killer skills (yes, I liked playing against Nurse 3 Blink or Nurse 6 Blink :DD) and how everything developed then, exactly in these years.

I think they had the best events back then (Halloween 2018 and Lunar New Year 2019). But most importantly, the game was very interesting back then, I had a lot of fun playing these years, I liked the old rank system, I felt comfortable in the green and purple ranks...

I know that there were many disadvantages during these years, but this in no way cancels my love for the DBD of those years.