Xenomorph Queen cant nod

Janse Member Posts: 11

Hi there

Not sure this is a bug, or its intended, but id like to get a answer.

When Xenomoprh Queen is in crawler mode she cannot Nod, she can only nod in running mode, the animation of nodding in crawler mode does nothing, normal Xenomorph can nod in both modes, so why cant queen?

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  • Grigerbest
    Grigerbest Member Posts: 1,213

    Amm... Basic Xenomorph skin can't do that in crawler mode as well, no?

    You should check it again. In crawler mode from a survivor point of view, whether it's Queen or basic Xeno, head don't move up and down.

  • Janse
    Janse Member Posts: 11

    I just tested it my self aswell, and ur right, normal Xenomorph cant nod in crawler mode either.

    I know for a fact i have seen nodding in crawler mode b4 on social medias, must have been from PTB then?