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Issues with MMR

Gozuthelivingdead Member Posts: 4
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Something seems to have happened to my MMR. I constantly get paired with survivors that has way higher skill level them me. This issue started for me after the first patch for the Alien chapter. Before that I was on a good level.

I'm a causal killer main that play around an hour a day with around 500 hours in the game. But thanks to this increased jump in skill I don't know if I'll be able to keep playing.

has anyone else encountered this issue?


  • Mooks
    Mooks Member Posts: 13,550

    It’s a general problem and for most hasn’t just started recently but was like this since MMR has been introduced.

    it goes both ways by the way. Lower skill players on both sides do get matched against higher skilled opponents and if you actually watch prominent streamers more closely you can see it the other way around. Often times they face opponent making newbie mistakes all the time.

    something doesn’t work at all. And the devs have mentioned that MMR can pretty precisely predict the outcome of a match - though I fear that means that the matchmaking per se doesn’t match for fair matches but already knows it won’t be a fair match… i guess one of the main factors is keeping lobby times short..