PC/Steam - Multiple, consistent server DCs since 7.2.3

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Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Play either role normally

Step 3 :Eventually, 3-5 minutes max into the match, the game will stall/freeze, hang, then disconnect stating an inability to connect to the dedicated server. Chat says "Match Server Unavailable." Lose all BP and effort, receive unwarranted penalty.

Step 4 : Repeat. Lose all bloodpoints. Uninstall the game.

Frequency of the issue - At least once a day, but today it's been four matches back to back even after a) checking my internet connection b) restarting modem, c) restarting computer d) reloading Steam

I've attached one log post restart/restarting the game where I was playing killer and was disconnected. I was winning and in the middle of hooking someone when it froze and threw me out of the match.

The second, larger log file contains games (the last three) in which I was playing as a survivor normally and then was disconnected abruptly in the same way -- once while being picked up by the killer, once while working on a gen, and I can't remember the third one. Regardless, all three happened without any notable trigger.

When I restart the game and try to log in, it does one of two things: either notifies me that I'm "logged in on another computer" so I'm obviously connected to SOMETHING, but your servers are wonky since the bugfix; or hangs indefinitely on "Checking Platform Services."

UPDATE: As another update, I've started getting the 8012 error - which indicates server issues, and that's fine. What isn't fine is when the server is booting people and giving us locked matchmaking as if we're disconnecting. Come on, guys. You can tell when we're leaving the match willingly and when we are being kicked by your servers, so why can't you disable the matchmaking penalties for the former?

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  • mizark3
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    I want to say this happened yesterday or the day before to me. It was a good/DC/good/DC/good match. There was no DC penalty so it wasn't my internet. I just figured it was steam goofing off or something.

  • trendyfartknocker
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    Sitting here typing this as I await another 30 minute penalty. Posted in another thread, but at this point, all I can do is shout and hope someone pays attention.

  • trendyfartknocker
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    And... now I have a 1 hour penalty. Please, someone, help?

  • trendyfartknocker
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    6 hours now...

    I can provide a DBD log, but prefer not to post it openly.

  • Jocelynbee
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  • trendyfartknocker
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    24 hours now, and I'm honestly afraid to try again. I don't know if there's a better support channel, but at this point, the game is literally unplayable. I've reinstalled steam and the game. Tried without Windows Firewall. I've upgraded my wifi. Tried with a wired connection. Updated all drivers. Rolled them back to various versions. Tried with and without passive NCSI and/or active NCSI probing enabled. Ran a ping monitor - no connection drop during the "disconnected from server" period. I've tried everything thing I know possible as a senior network engineer.

    Can't tell anything from the logs because they're written in a binary (possibly encrypted) format. The game tells me nothing other than the generic disconnected from host, you're hosed message. I have no idea how to get in touch with actual support for a game I've spent hundreds of dollars on that won't let me play.

  • Vitriuz
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    You're bug report describes everything that's happening to me right now. I'm up to the 6 hour mark at the time of this post.

  • Venusa
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    There's definitely something going on with the servers for a week now. Any time I talk about it they say it's a "technical problem on my side" but it definitely isn't.

    On top of what you described sometimes matchmaking doesn't even work and I wait endlessly and game keeps putting me in super high-ping lobbies even though I don't have any connection problems and my ping is stable and low according to all the reputable speedtest sources.

  • Venusa
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  • wiccan
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    Honestly, I've been having this issue for months where i'll crash, even though it's not my internet or pc. like many others i have ran the tests, upgraded my stuff, used wired connections, reinstalled the game, etc. The problem still persists. There have been periods where it's gotten better, but it's definitely gotten worse again as of recently. I even uninstalled the game for a while because it was happening so frequently that the game felt it was more of a hassle than it was fun to play. It's starting to feel that way again. If there isn't going to be a patch any time soon that actually resolves these issues, please consider capping the time for the penalty, or fully resetting the timer after 24 hours, because we shouldn't be punished so heavily for something that isn't our fault.