Terminus not lingering 30s after Exit Gates open

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All players other than me had the globe symbol, so console/epic. No one responded in endgame chat so likely console.

I opened the exit gates after I already knew the Pig had Terminus seeing Feng become Broken on the final gen pop, and Meg appeared to take a protection hit for her and become Broken. I open the gate and Meg crouches like 'hey heal me please' and I'm thinking "uhh we gotta wait, Terminus is still up", but the heal prompt was there and the Broken status effect disappeared in roughly 3s, as opposed to 30s. We were able to heal the Meg and rescue the hooked Feng in time, but I felt sorry for the Pig so once I ensured the other 3 were out I gave her the kill.

The Pig had Terminus as the only Broken status effect perk/add-on, and similarly no Survivor had a Broken status perk. I know I wasn't the Obsession, but I don't know who was (if that would be relevant).

Edit: I just tested Terminus in a bot match, and it works for the full 30s if the Killer opens the gate, I'll try again forcing the bots to open the gate.

Edit 2: I got a bot to open the gate, but it lasted the proper amount of time. I'm trying to remember some more details of the original match. Feng map offered Red Forest, and we rolled Temple of Purgation. Pig had STBFL. The rest I can't recall. I hate to say it, but maybe one of the Survivors I played with was a cheater, but it could still be a bug. If anyone else had Terminus not last the full duration please post here so we can know if it was a bug or whatever.

Edit 3: I got the log file, but if it includes the details of multiple matches, I played Blight 3 times with 2 bots (without Terminus one of the times, I spaced). Before those 3 custom matches was the Temple of Purgation match.

My perks as Zarina were Chem Trap/Blast Mine/We'll Make It/Sprint Burst in that order. I think I brought a brown medkit and a green BP offering, but that's only a maybe.

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