Tome 16 Level 3 Challenge "Buried Underground" not working

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Platform: PC

Description of Issue: Bugged In-Game Challenge not giving me credit.

Steps to reproduce: Hooking someone in the basement. In this case, this took place on the map "Toba Landing".

How often does this occur: So far every time I have tried to work on this challenge.

Hello. I have been trying to complete the challenge in question, but it is not giving me any credit for it. As shown in the screenshots, there I am hooking someone in the basement, and then in the post-game not getting credit for doing so. This is very frustrating because I wish to finish this challenge and get my remaining levels before the rift closes. :(

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This has been already reported and it's under review. Thank you!


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    Note: This challenge appears to work on the Raccoon Police Department Maps, but not others.

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