Singularity Stuck Teleport Glitch

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I was playing a game on Midwitch when using my power to teleport to a survivor in the chem lab on the second floor. The survivor ran to the hole in the floor to try and get me to fall down it. This worked better than expected for them, as when I emerged I was stuck in some of the environment that makes a loop by the exit gate below. I tried to see if I could teleport to anyone else but it was still relatively early and didn't have many biopods down in the map yet to use I eventually disconnected. This happened on PC through steam, I was using Spent Oxygen Tank and Diagnostic Tool (Repair) as my addons, I have the default skim, and this has happened only once so far. The survivor I was chasing was an Ellen Ripley. Thank you for your time I hope this report is found to be helpful.

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