Bugged tome challenge: "Tome 1 - Awakening - Level 4 - Agitated Advantage" - PC (Steam)

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Description of issue

Step 1: Equipped the challenge "Agitated Advantage" from the Level 4 page of Tome 1 - Awakening. The description of the challenge reads: "Hook 5 survivor(s) in the basement while using the perk Agitation - Complete this challenge in a single trial."

Step 2 : Equipped Agitation into my build on The Huntress. Full perk build was: Jolt (Lvl 2), Agitation (Lvl 3), Iron Maiden (Lvl 3), Darkness Revealed (Lvl 2).

Step 3 : Began public match as The Huntress against 4 survivor players. At no point were there any disconnects, so none of the players were replaced by bots.

Step 4 : Proceeded to down and hook all 4 survivors throughout the match. A total of 10 of the 11 hooks I achieved were in the basement. All 4 survivors were hooked at least 2 times in the basement.

Additional information

  • Character played - The Huntress
  • Perks played - Jolt (Lvl 2), Agitation (Lvl 3), Iron Maiden (Lvl 3), Darkness Revealed (Lvl 2).
  • Map - Toba Landing
  • Frequency of the issue - This has happened to me for the past 3 matches I've had the challenge equipped

Relevant Documents

Unfortunately, I have no images or videos of the match itself.

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