Ada Wong footsteps sounding like a horse

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Ada Wong has weird footsteps. They sound like a horse gallopping around (Especially around mud). I am not sure if it is just me, but I have asked around the DBD Discord community and under some youtube videos and many people tend to agree on it.

It is definitely a thing on the default skin i dont know about the other skins since I dont own any but I would like to main ADA. However her footsteps are keeping me away from doing so tbh since it will get annoying after a while. Some Game Tutor send me a link to this side so I guess thats why I am reporting it here.

Hope for some update!

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    It's because she has "heels" you can kind of hear the same on Kate's Dolly Guitar skin and Feng's anniversary skin all of the skins have heels so they have different footstep sound effects to mimic what someone in real life wearing heels would sound like. Personally, I love it but I can see why most would hate it.

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