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DeadByDaylight Win64 Shipping .EXE error preventing the game from launching.

sangalol Member Posts: 2
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I havent played in a couple of patches, decided to try and pick up the game again only to be met with errors (screenshots included) i play other games that utilize it such as Hunt : Showdown and everything works fine there

Things I've tried so far include but not limited to:

*verify game files

*a full reinstall

*clearing steam download cache

* temporarily disabled my antivirus

*Disabled Steam Overlay

*Disabled Steam Input (controller)

*reinstalling DX via DXSETUP.EXE

*repairing Easy Anticheat

*adding Win64 shippping.exe AND EasyAntiCheat.exe to antivirus whitelist

*GPU and Windows are both up to date.

I'm sure there's more I forgotten by now...

any assistance would be greatly appreciated, i have 1600 hours in this game and really want to get back into it.

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