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Random Crashing during matches

I switch between killer and survivor to complete challenges and daily rituals. However, the past few attempts at killer have been limited by either a bug or a hacker. The match will start fine, but after hooking each of the survivors at least once, I will suddenly not be able to injure them or interact with anything on the map. This will last for a few seconds before disconnecting me and saying "the dedicated server is not responding".

It doesn't happen frequent enough to be a network issue, and I have no issues when playing survivor. I get penalized every time with the DC penalty, and it is quite aggravating. Does anyone else have knowledge of this?

Thank you!

update: I originally posted this in the bug reports but was told it's a "technical problem" and to post here. The crash has changed sides, and now it only happens when playing survivor. I am livestreaming and just had another incident where I was working the last gen, and suddenly got DC'd. I've visited with the killer from a previous incident, and I was the only one booted.

Does anyone know what might be causing this?