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Singularity on Console advice?

UndeddJester Member Posts: 1,580
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My word... this killer is brutally hard on console... I thought Deathslinger was rough... but my God, this killer is downright ridiculously hard to play on console.

It's hard in every aspect to use his power: -

  • Hard to place pods on terrain facing where you want them to face.
  • Hard to select the pod you want in chase.
  • Hard to turn the camera to face survivors in time to tag before they slip out of sight or behind terrain.
  • Hard build up any slipstream in time in the few cases you do manage to get an infected survivir in LoS.

You put that up with everything else that the killer has trouble with: -

  • Get mad disoriented when you switch pods.
  • Little bits of terrain blocking you view when it shouldnt.
  • Immediate EMPs just deny the few times you manage to get a infection going.

Everything is so damned fiddly... it's hard just to function, even when your power isn't getting halted by EMPs...

Does anyone have any advice for Singularity on console? Cause he feels like you have to aim pods so fast to get any use out of them, you're better off just playing him as an m1 killer with your pods just serving as vision for where to go...


  • pizzavessel15
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    I just advise you not play him. he encourages body blocking (which isn't bad but just doesn't feel good), encourages pre dropping, his teleport is also just weak in chase especially against mft, and his cameras are incredibly Jank (you can look at someone and it won't track them because of a stick or leaf.) I just don't think hes worth all of this trouble. hes not a bad killer its just everything in his kit just doesn't feel good at all.