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Stunned killer with pallet and I still died

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I know it will be closed as "This is probably a latency issue.", but I have a question about this mechanism.

If the hit validation is on the server side (as it should normally be) and the killer hit was totally valid on the server side... How could I drop the pallet as a downed survivor?

If I dropped the pallet when standing and could stun the killer how could the server validate the hit as valid when the killer was stunned?

Please explain it and not just close it as a latency issue, because both actions could not be valid at the same time on the server side.

If there is no explanation this mechanism is totally unfair to survivors because I died and wasted a pallet at the same time which could not happen if the validation working normally on the server side.


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  • sizzlingmario4
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    This can happen because of the way pallets work - when you drop a pallet, it isn't capable of stunning the killer immediately. A pallet has to be about halfway down before it can cause a stun. If you throw a pallet and then get hit before that halfway point, the hit will count, and then the killer will get stunned afterwards. That is an intended mechanic, but obviously latency can also mess with it and cause hits that look bad depending on the situation. But even if we were able to remove latency completely, getting hit through a pallet drop like this would still be possible because it's normal. If the server determines the pallet is halfway down and triggered a stun before the hit occurred, then the server will reject the hit.

  • Ariel_Starshine
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    This happens to me all the time in game and I do not like it. If it's designed that way, that's crazy.

    I have a gene mutation irl that can paralyze my muscles (Like what Celine Dion has) and I can assure you if I am "stunned" I could not hurt someone :P So to me it just seems ridiculous. Either they are stunned and can't do anything or they are not stunned at all. Should be fixed.

    I know my comparison might by hyperbole but it's true lol.

  • Sigee
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    So If I drop a pallet, the killer has x times (let's say 0,5 sec) to do something against the palletstun.

    This could be the reason why I saw the power struggle was useless when a killer picked up the survivor right under the pallet and the power struggle was activated (dropped the pallet) and the killer could hit one into the air and because of it he went away from the pallet and could avoid the stun. So the entire build (Flip-Flop, UB, and Power Struggle) was garbage against a simple hit into the air. What is the value of the perk if it is activated under the pallet, you waste the pallet but have no effect on the killer at all. What latency is that? If The players are under the pallet, PS should stun the killer, if they are not under the pallet, PS should not waste a pallet.


    You have never given up and you are not about to start now.

    While being carried by The Killer, reaching 25/20/15 % Wiggling progression activates Power Struggle:

    • You can drop a nearby, standing Pallet to stun the Killer and escape their grasp.

    Power Struggle deactivates after triggering successfully.

    Where is the part about you can drop a pallet and maybe if there is no countermeasure, you probably but not surely stun the killer? It said you drop it to stun the killer. Then it should work in that way. If I drop the pallet in any way, it should stun the killer at that time, not in the possible future (or not at all). In my opinion.

    Other strange mechanism:

    Against the mastermind when he uses his power, but you drop the pallet from the other side, sometimes he can grab you and push you to the pallet, you dropped from the other side. Is it because you dropped it, but it was not halfway down, so he could grab you? Then why did not dash you far away on the other side, because the pallet was not stopped him? Or if it stopped him, how could he grab you from the different side? So many contradictions not related to latency.


    Not an official source, but on the dbd wiki there is no information about the pallet dropped in a halfway position, only "upright" or "dropped". There is no between them.


    If a Killer is inside the area of a Pallet and a Survivor pulls it down, they will be pushed back and get stunned for 2 seconds, obstructing their vision as their camera tilts."

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  • LapisInfernalis
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    This is completely normal. The moment you drop the pallet WAY before the killer arrives and you still get hit while having low ping is the interesting part.

  • Alionis
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    Scroll down all the way to "Trivia"

    The stun condition is applied to the Killer once the Pallet has been pulled down about 50 % of the way, given they are in range.

  • Sigee
    Sigee Member Posts: 18

    Thank you, I think I have to live with that strange mechanism in a normal attack.

    But still can't understand the mastermind pushing to the pallet stuff. He can grab me WHILE DASHING FORWARD and PULL ME BACK to the other side of the dropped pallet. This seems still an issue.

    And the Power Struggle counterplay (hitting into the air) is also not fair. I can't pull the pallet before he picks me up, but he can hit and avoid the PS before I drop the pallet? If it is intended like this, the whole PS has no value at all, because if I am not under the pallet when he picks me up, he can go on the way without pallets, so I have no chance to use PS. If I am right under the pallet when he picks me up and hits one, I also have no chance to use the pallet, because he could simply avoid the stun. The whole perk is garbage...