Cenobite Power Bug

lagosta Member Posts: 1,842

The night after the most recent deployment I bugged out while playing Pinhead.

While playing on Steam, I was tapping M2 really fast and could no longer use my M2 power for the rest of the match. I tried several things to fix to issue, including grabbing and hitting survivors, grabbing the box, searching lockers, and several other things but nothing could fix that issue.

As a side note, I also noticed latency issues during the match, not sure if that had anything to do with the bug.

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  • SalemTheCat
    SalemTheCat Member Posts: 13

    Just has a game when this thing happen to me as well...

  • Riothin
    Riothin Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 5

    Yep can attest to this it happens when you pick up the box as The Cenobite, and then you are unable to use any form of pinheads power for the rest of the trial.

  • Timmylaw
    Timmylaw Member Posts: 208

    Just happened to me on xbox

  • Minmineroo
    Minmineroo Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

    It happens to me whenever I pick up the lament configuration from the ground. It doesn't bug if I activate it by downing a survivor, but every time I pick it from the ground I lose both teleport and M2 abilities.

  • BloodFireDeath
    BloodFireDeath Member Posts: 1

    Same happened to me.

    I'm not sure but I think it was after interacting with the lament configuration.

    My M2 was completely unfunctional. Also something weird happened where it completely stopped the recharge of the power.

    It was just stuck half way. I tried a different mouse, binding it to different keys on the board to see if that was the issue but it's definitely inside the game, something to do with interactions.

  • speedwagon
    speedwagon Member Posts: 4

    And here i thought i can play this freaking game again...

  • foolishmortals
    foolishmortals Member Posts: 38

    Picked up the Lament Configuration early on. Could not use chains or teleport to the box for the entire match. Fortunately I was pursuing a chase daily anyway.

  • xltechno
    xltechno Member Posts: 338

    There is a joke in Japan that this bug is essentially a nerf to the semi-strong killer Cenobite.

    If bhvr feels that the game balance is maintained by this bug, then the bug will remain unfixed.

  • TheTom20
    TheTom20 Member Posts: 315

    any updates on this bug?