Should make a werewolf Xenomorph skin.

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Xenomorph would be perfect for this. Its movement modes already make it like a feral animal.

Maybe you could even do a Werewolf: The Apocalypse thing where runner mode transforms it into a quadrupedal wolf and cancelling runner mode turns it back into two-legged werewolf. No flashy lights or particles needed. Just make its body contort unnaturally when it changes modes.

Maybe the turrets could have crosses on them or shoot silver bullets. Or shoot silver flames.

EDIT: Although I guess the tail attack wouldn't make sense.


  • Archol123
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    I think it would be a missed opportunity to not make a werewolf killer with its own power and just make it a skin for alien... Also licensed chapters usually don't have that much creative freedom to change the model into something completely different...

  • mizark3
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    I've always thought Demo would fit better as a non-licensed Werewolf so people would still have access to the mechanics. The Shred and burrows instead of tunnels seem to perfectly fit a Werewolf concept. Whereas the Stranger Things perks are available to everyone, the Killer mechanics of Demo aren't 'publicly available' unless you already bought the Killer or spend an exorbitant amount of money on a code.

  • BugReporterOnly
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    Because it's a licensed IP they wouldn't do it because they mosy likely want to keep the integrity of the license.