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Lag vs skull merchant as of facecamp update

muddywater Member Posts: 22
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I have a pretty good PC which I bought in the past couple years, dbd should not have any lag whatsoever, ever since this new update I've ONLY had lag issues against skull merchant. Granted I played games against other killers (not the whole cast) since with no issues, whereas I played against SK twice in this new update and both times the game was noticeably performing worse. Anyone else?

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  • Ariel_Starshine
    Ariel_Starshine Member Posts: 821
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    Yeah I've had really weird lag spikes where my game freezes up for a second or so, and PC is very powerful.

    Also the game didn't used to send my graphics card into over drive mode, since the update it sounds like it's going to space lol. I don't know what happened, but it only happens with this game.