In Extremis from Previous Tome Bugged

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Description: I tried using a yellow tool box with speed add ons 3 times. Then just using the perk Saboteur. I'm pretty sure I successfully completed it 5 times but it would not register.

Other Perks Used: Sprint Burst, switched out for Background Player, Boil Over switched out for Saboteur, Kindred, and Breakout.

Maps Played: Shattered Square, Eyrie of Crows, and Fractured Cowshed.

Character: Thalita.

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  • Zer0
    Zer0 Member Posts: 41

    Bump this is still bugged and cant be completed

  • Edgerunner
    Edgerunner Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Can confirm this is still bugged on current patch.

    platform : PC

    Character : Nea, Feng, Thalita, Nancy

    Maps I 100% completed this challenge on and it did not proc - The game, Dead dog, Red forest, MacMillan

  • JakeParkSimp
    JakeParkSimp Member Posts: 33

    Can confirm, tried to complete this challenge on PS5 today, with the killer hitting me under hook, and I still managed to complete the hook sabotage. The challenge didn't register this as a success. Completely bugged challenge.

  • Jackmerrius
    Jackmerrius Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Still bugged on Steam.

  • IndianaDadGuy
    IndianaDadGuy Member Posts: 32

    Bugged still - 10/29/23 - Tried with and without toolboxes (using saboteur) for 18 matches in a row. Range isn't an issue, sometimes they literally hit me before my sabo action.

    Was able to do this on my newer Epic games account. Just not working on Steam (maybe other platforms as reported by others here)

  • JohnSsuitepee
    JohnSsuitepee Member Posts: 21

    This challenge remains bugged as of 29th October 2023. (Am on PC Steam)

  • Candlefire
    Candlefire Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Same here, also PC and steam. Tried with Saboteur and also toolbox.