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Twitch drops acting weird. May require assistance.

Skoegul Member Posts: 10

Short story short: I came home from work yesterday, switched on the DBD live stream to get those Twitch drops started, managed to stay awake long enough to properly claim drop #1 but went to bed before drops #2 and #3 finished, deciding to simply claim them after waking up.

Woke up, checked on my Twitch, correctly got the message 'you can claim these two drops' and.... It kind of got weird here. Not only are the drop images on the Twitch inventory messed up, the button that I am meant to press to claim these tells me to 'connect'. Upon pressing it..... Twitch sends me to this weird website.

But let's let screenshots talk:

^That's what the drops currently look like in my Twitch inventory.

^ This is the website the 'connect' button sends me to. Obviously I am not going to try and log anything in there since I have never seen this site and like.... whut. The URL says '' btw but....... why. What's happening here? I feel bamboozled.

Checking on the actual drops page ( ), everything is still connected properly.

Pressing 'Claim drops' obviously sends me back to Twitch.

Logging into the game I only received drop #1, which as stated above was claimed yesterday when everything still worked fine.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any idea on how to fix this and properly claim those remaining drops? Do I wait this out? And why does Twitch want me to log into a microsoftonline account or something?

For the record: The same happens in different browsers as well as on mobile Twitch.

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  • Elcopollo
    Elcopollo Member Posts: 760
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    Have you checked your in-game inventory (like, on Hag and Elodie characters themselves)?

    Because outside of claiming from Twitch notification and confirming it on BHVR account page (which you both already did, judging from screenshots) - you don't really need to do anything else to get the rewards, they should already be on your account. There is a chance that you won't get a proper Twitch pop-up upon logging into the game, but the weapon and sweater should be in your characters' inventories regardless of it.


  • Skoegul
    Skoegul Member Posts: 10

    Thanks for pointing that little detail out to me. I know I meant to check the character's ingame inventory, but got distracted by having to fight a malfunctioning office chair. Just typical Saturday morning stuff.

    I guess it's the lack of ingame notifications that threw me off, tbh, so thanks for pointing out that those aren't necessary.

    Élodie is ready to face the Void. And Hag.... Well. I don't play her, but she got some candy <3

    Not gonna lie, tho, I remain curious about what happened here...

  • Kerkvlerk
    Kerkvlerk Member Posts: 53

    I had the same problem as you with the weird website popping up. But when i went back to behavour website to link everything it actually was unlinked and the moment i relinked my account again i got all the items when i got into the game.