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I unlinked my Steam account to BHVR account and I guess it was a mistake?

Rudjohns Member Posts: 1,479

I unlinked my steam account to my bhvr account in an attempt to fix the twitch drops issue and now I can't link it back. I didnt receive the drops and went to inspect my BHVR account. I saw that my Steam account there wasn't syncing up, and I changed my steam password a few days ago. I thought that was the problem, so I unlinked, and now I can't link my accountback anymore, even though it says I have to wait 60 days to sync a "new" account, but its the same steam account.

It says "if you decide in the future" thats why I kept with the decision to unlink. I didn't say "right now"

I am able to log in my Steam account as it should be (I guess?)

However, when I click "Link Account" it gives me this error, saying that I can't link a different account from the previous one, but it's the same account

Do I really have to wait 60 days to link my steam account? Is there any ways for BHVR to help me with this?