Matchmaking ban from server crashing - Happening more often now

Zer0 Member Posts: 42

All players crashed and we all were hit with a disconnect MM ban. Why were we punished when your server failed? Our internet was fine and is fine.

Platform: PC, Ps5

Description: Server died and we all got a ban

How Often: Once every few days. Getting annoying! Waiting 5+ minutes to play when its your fault isn't right.

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  • TheChicagoMike
    TheChicagoMike Member Posts: 1

    Can confirm this. It just happened to me. Was chasing a survivor up the stairs and there was lag/stutter and then the game became unresponsive.

    I was then kicked to the end of match screen showing all players were disconnected.

    On the main screen I was hit with a matchmaking ban due to your servers being unreliable.

    Platform: PC, Steam

    Description: Server disconnected all users and was given matchmaking ban.

    How Often: This has happened to me once, but there are MANY discussions on the steam Discussion board that states this has been happening for the last few days consistently.

  • bravo37
    bravo37 Member Posts: 7

    Happens to me at least once a week, probably more

  • etms51
    etms51 Member Posts: 606

    I make this error same for me, i played such as claudette morel, and the server said me Dedicated server don't working but my friends are online against a Oni and i've taking a ban for 30 seconds.