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Time-Limited cosmetics and FOMO

dgbug Member Posts: 152

Why does BHVR claim P100 rewards would be a bad thing because of FOMO, but continue to add time-limited skins into DBD? :/

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  • Mooks
    Mooks Member Posts: 13,904
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    One thing is FOMO for sales, the other is FOMO for VERY unhealthy gaming behaviour. just because one thing exits in the game (when it shouldnt) doesnt mean we should ask for something else thats also bad.

    And yes, p100 rewards WOULD incentivze unheathly gaming habits, people will try to get all of them - and even having one p100 already is a VERY HEAVY time investment...

    Keep letting them know that FOMO is bad.

    Stop asking for other FOMO stuff even if not directly monetary.


  • Annso_x
    Annso_x Member Posts: 1,611
    edited October 2023

    FOMO in the shop brings more money, FOMO anywhere else would just be more work in exchange of nothing but complaints from players