Daily Log-in Rewards Not Being received

I've logged into the game every day since the beginning of the Haunted By Daylight event and I haven't yet received a daily log-in reward. What's going on?

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The Log-In bonuses start/change every day at 2pm Eastern time (GMT -5). As noted, there was not a pop-up for the rift fragments yesterday, but they were added. Please update when able if there is no changes to the value of fragments from the bonus yesterday, or the bloodpoint bonus that just became active for today.


  • Crowman
    Crowman Member Posts: 8,472

    Yesterday was rift fragments and those don't have a popup upon starting the game.

    The event started at 2pm EST on Wednesday, so it might not be a new day yet for the next rewards.

  • Ronsone
    Ronsone Member Posts: 215

    I did not receive the Monday 25K BP daily reward into my account yet.

    All Rift Fragments and other BP (yesterday 100K BP too) are in my account and the only Monday one is missing yet.

    Is this a bug? Thanks!