grim embrace buff and generators (pain res especially)


this event has really been a tough one with generators at the moment pain res doesn’t feel as good anymore, ive tried to use it with oni and the hook spawns are ridiculous and i don’t get any value from it as much as i wanted

i played on eyries of crow and all the hooks were in the main building like i don’t get how im meant to surveillance gens and chase survivors if im getting them types of spawns so i would suggest to have a system to spread out the hook spawns for scourage hooks as it would balance out to get value out of them more so use killers players can surveillance gens more efficiently and we don’t lose gens so fast and last thing about gens i don’t wanna suggest a nerf to them as they already had one but i wouldn’t mind seeing a slight nerf to them maybe by 2-5% and yes that’s controversial with gen regression perks but it’s just a suggestion and yes I know they take 90 seconds but doubling shouldn’t be as fast if you see where im coming from

last thing grim embrace good grief can we pls have a buff to that perk it would be soooo handy to have more slowdown as i mentioned above about the gen speeds, i don’t wanna nerf survivors anymore as i play more survivor then killer at the moment but the way it functions right now is atrocious, (hook 4 survivors to activate it) like how is that a good way to have a perk and 40 seconds isn’t long enough so my suggestion to it is firstly have a longer activation so what maybe 60-90 seconds and a cooldown for 40 seconds for each use and block maybe what all the gens that are not being currently used and maybe regress the gens that are not being used by maybe what 10% or 100%, may be a bit overkill as we have oppression and so killers can apply more pressure if the game is going tits up and maybe turn it into a scourge hook? we do need more scourge hooks in the game that’s just my suggestion not the best one but i can’t really think of a way to change it

if you have any suggestions or criticism of my acclaim then go ahead id like to see what y’all think