Trail of torment visual bug

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When playing survivor with the deja vu perk, if the killer has trail of torment and activates it on a deja vu gen the gen aura doesnt change to yellow to show its been affected by the perk.

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  • crystalkitti
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    Thank you!! I thought I was going crazy for the longest time, before I realized this is what was happening. I thought I was the only one, too, and I was just about to report it. Thank goodness I searched first.

    It's a huge hinderance, not being able to tell if ToT is in use, let alone which of the three gens it's afflicting. I hope this gets fixed soon, but iirc this bug has been around for a bit now (as in, months.)

    Deja Vu is helpful in preventing Killers trying to hold 3-gens, or finding gens at all. I don't want to have to ditch it just because the Killer's perk broke.... ;-;

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