PS4- Fell out of bounds and outside map

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I fell out of bounds from the void and landed outside of the map.

Step 1 : enter void near end of void time out (2 mins?)

Step 2 : be partway through releasing void energy into a haunt

Step 3 : void closes, during teleporting back to map screen, character appears to start falling

Step 4 : land outside of the bounds of the map.

I could walk all the way around the outside of the map, other survivors could see my aura, and I could enter the exit gate area. I was able to “escape” by waiting for another player to open a gate and then walk over there. I could see auras of players and hooks inside the map.

Additional information

  • Character played: Zarina (against nemesis, was infected and injured at the time)
  • Perks played: Background player, buckle up, for the people, saboteur
  • Map: Red forest (Mothers Dwelling)
  • Frequency of the issue: once

I do not have screenshots or video.

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Hello! A screenshot or video of what happen would help us in investigating this. Thank you!