[BUG] PC - Twins - Victor got permanently destroyed

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I was playing a match on Steam as the Twins in Giddeon and at some point, Victor was riding someone and supposedly they tried to enter the void, and he got left behind. This happened upstairs in the room above the shower room gen. I came into the room and he was standing in the air. Then a few seconds later, he died and it looked like someone stepped on him, but no one was there. He never respawned after that, and I had to play the rest of the match without him. Very strange. After the match was over, they said that it happened when they went into the void with him on their back, so that's why I say supposedly.

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  • Marii_sama
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    I had a similar situation just now. Played on Autohaven, Wretched shop. I had Victor latched on Kate for a while. They did get rid of him either by going to void or normally I'm not sure on this part, but in the end he ended up on top of a stack of tyres instead of being destroyed and recharging. He stood on tyres for a bit before disappearing but the ability did not start recharging. For the rest of the match I was M1 killer. I did down and hook Laurie with just M1 and that did not fix the ability. Spamming M1 and M2 did not fix the ability.

    Funnily enough, downing Thalita and the gates fixed the issue and the ability went on cooldown and filled back up. It did feel like M1 worked as Victor's latch on as they could not leave/crawl out of the match. However, in end-game chat Thalita did mention that they were unable to enter Void or leave through gates, which is even more strange as they were not the one with Victor latched to them last time.

    Video of last bit and the gates - https://youtu.be/DgJradMYBWw