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I have an issue since few days now with mouse sensitivity while playing Dead by Daylight and I couldnt find any fix for it.. so my last idea was to ask here for some help.

Basically when im in the match as a survivor I cant rotate my mouse properly. While i try to turn around the sensitivity is too high and after I do 90° - 180 ° (to look behind myself where the killer is) the sens is getting way lower (not always though). This is a big problem for me, mainly when i try to chase tight loops properly or just to know the distance between us me and the killer..

Also I have the same problem with killer, while trying to look around it feels so like "laggy?" and sometimes i cant even move around because of how it gets slow, its just not smooth like it was before.

This all above is happening in-game, while im in menu or just in lobby waiting for the new game the sensitivity is normal like im used to.

I own DbD on Steam and Ive tried to set default settings in-game, verify integrity of files, i have looked on some forums too for any solution, but nothing helped me and I have this issue only in DBD, not in any other games or even in desktop. If someone could please help me i would be really thanful.

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This seems to be a technical issue, if you still require assistance you can ask other forum users in the Ask the Community section ( since we do not offer technical support on this platform.

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