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So yesterday was the third time this happened. I was playing as Claudette. My build was self care, desperate measures, resilience, and windows. I don't know if the other two times I was under status affects but yesterday I had just gotten a blue glyph and I was hit with blindness and obliviousness but they expired during the heal. As I tried to heal with this build the healing bar did not go up at all. I just had to keep doing the healing action until my survivor was completely healed but I had no idea of my progress. Also, there was no anti-healing perks from the killer during this scenario yesterday. I know every time this has happened I had on self care and at least desperate measures or botany.

The no healing progress has also occurred while using a cure against infection with Nemesis at least four or five times. I do not remember a correlation with any status affects before I did any action with the cure injection.

I play on xbox one s.

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