PC - Possible Void Realm Transport Bug?

Step 1 - boot game, queue as survivor as expected

Step 2 - Zone in to Springwood (Freddy's Map)

Step 3 - play as expected, get downed in void realm

Step 4 - crawl over to an area (on top of a ramp)

Step 5 - Killer picks you up, keeps hitting wall as they let you wiggle free

Step 6 - Wiggle free and stun killer, get transported to a void realm look alike but with no void magic.

Step 7 - Be unable to move.

Character played - Yui Kimura

Perks played - Off the Record, Distortion, Blast Mine, Calm Spirit

Map - Springwood

Frequency of the issue - first time encountering ever, game was just before 10:50 AM MT if you want to look it up, picture taken with phone and logs should be attached momentarily.

**note - not sure which log file you would need so both have been attached, first time doing a bug ticket like this

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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue, we are forwarding this to the team for their review.