PC - Twin's Victor flying off the map but still having the debuffs of Victor being on the survivor.

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While playing Survivor Renato on Plague's Redwood map. Went against the killer The Twins. During the match, Victor was attached to me and I ran away from the Twins to deny Charlotte her pressure. I got to the other side of the map when Victor suddenly flew off my back and I heard Victor being crushed. I soon after noticed that I was unable to do anything a survivor wouldn't be able to do with Victor on their back. I was able to unhook and that was about it. I tried to help finish gens but couldn't. When the exit gates were powered I could not escape from the match because the game thought Victor was still on me. The Twin's player also seemed bugged as they couldn't recall or get Victor back.

The steps to recreate this may not work as it seemed like this happened rarely.

  1. Play Twins on the Redwood Plague map
  2. Launch victor to attach to a survivor.
  3. survivor runs away to deny the power of the twins
  4. Victor glitches and flies out of the map and the twins and that survivor are both bugged.

This bug doesn't seem to happen often, at the time of the bug occurring I couldn't find anything else in the threads like this.

attached is a link to a YouTube video containing the clips of the match in question when this issue occurred.

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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue, we are forwarding this to the team for their review.


  • Coffeecrashing
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    I had this happen in one of my games today.

  • dontpanic503
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    This happened to me today as well. Torment Creek map, playing as Claudette. Victor pounced and hit me, but then detached and landed on the ground, then it sounded like he got crushed and disappear. The game acted as if I had Victor attached for the rest of the match. I couldn't interact with anything, and couldn't escape through the exit gates. The killer either DCd or bugged out, because they also didn't move as Charlotte for the rest of the match.