PS5 - Longer penalties than I should be getting?

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I'm not sure how I can reproduce my steps with a situation like this so I'm just going to give explanations on what happened instead. I'm not sure if this is even a bug but I've been directed here for this issue.

I've only disconnected from a match on purpose one time when I first started playing and got an hour long penalty for it, I thought this made no sense at first since my partner only got a 30 second long penalty earlier that day for her console disconnecting. I had assumed that if I disconnected myself, it would be the same but since it wasn't I just assumed that it takes into account when it thinks you're doing it on purpose and makes it longer because of that.

The only other time it could register as me disconnecting on purpose was when I had set my controller on my lap to check my phone and accidentally knocked it off while I was moving, which caused it to hit the switch on my power strip extension and turning off my tv, PlayStation, and my fan(there's other things plugged into it but this is just what was on). I thought I got a 2 hour long penalty for it but when scrolling through messages with my partner to find evidence of us talking about it when it happened, i said it was only one hour so it was the same as the first penalty I had gotten.

Additionally, when the new event started and I was already on the game playing, it disconnected me while loading into a match and I had to close and reopen the game for the event to now work and only had like a 30 second long penalty for that. This was after the 2nd incident it could have registered as me disconnecting on purpose.

Only when talking about it with other players did I come to the understanding that purposely disconnecting doesn't start you at an hour long penalty, so I'm not sure if maybe other factors come into play like when a survivor disconnects while loading into a match or when a server just disconnects everyone. Though this doesn't happen to me enough to get me an hour long penalty when I see how it goes up each disconnect, so now I'm wondering if it's because of the console I play on?

If I knew this wasn't normal at the times they happened, I would have gotten screenshots of them and I'm too scared of getting a long penalty again if I disconnect from a match to try and get evidence. I won't be surprised if no one believes my claims here as well, I'm not here for any justice or to get compensation for it, I just want an explanation on why this happened to me.

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This looks like a technical issue, if you still require assistance please ask other forum users in the Ask the Community sub section as we do not offer technical support on this forum.


  • The only evidence I can get to at least sort of prove the controller incident is this conversation with my partner where I talked about it the day it happened.

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    "I've only disconnected from a match on purpose one time"

    Right I bet only once ever. Sounds like repeat offender.

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