Xeno tail whip on Hawkins has several places with unexpected or broken collision

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Hello! I just wanted to see how whippable Hawkin's Lab is for Xeno and it seems there are a lot of places that are very broken and have collision that definitely shouldn't happen.

  1. All the yellow railings everywhere in the map cannot be hit through, even though there is a very visible, large gap: https://youtu.be/rCapgw3BeYs
  2. Another example of a yellow railing in a different room from a different angle: https://youtu.be/wlZwt9R8Q1s
  3. For some reason this cage has an invisible wall that prevents tail whip but only from one direction, it's fine from the other direction. In the last whip in the video, you can even hear a distinct metal sound when it hits air: https://youtu.be/_Zko71IGseA
  4. This shelf support also cannot be hit through, even though the gap is more than big enough: https://youtu.be/V81eanAJUFk
  5. The area above the railing on the staircase has an invisible wall blocking the tail for some reason: https://youtu.be/MNvjgRzdA-g

There are probably far more if you go looking for them but these are the most glaring examples I found. Hawkin's definitely needs an overhaul to be made compatible for Xeno's tail

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