Tome 6 - Level 4 - That's Rude

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Hey peeps, I was trying this challenge on the Tome 6 within my stream today. At first I was using Alert, Premonition, Sprint Burst and Distortion as Feng Min. This Challenge requires you to point at the killers direction within 5 seconds of the perk activating. Do this 2 times. (Must be done in a single trail). My fist match was against a Sadako on Yamaoka Estate and I tried pointing at the killer when the perk activated and nothing happened. So I thought it could be because her box might be different because of her phasing. So I tried again on a second match with the same perks against a blight on Midwich elementary school. Still nothing happened, as I was pointing in his face within the 5 second duration. I made a third attempt with just the perk Premonition alone against a Dredge on Eye of Crows. Same again nothing happened.

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  • krutikovamary
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    Same. No matter what I do and what perks I use, it doesn't work. It's especially sad because it's the last challenge left, I have done the rest of it.