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Me and apparently many other fellow players have an issue with playing the game like its intended to.

When I load into a map , no matter the graphics, I can only see at max 3 meters around me , after that I can only see a thick wall of fog. Depending on the map the circle can get really small as seen in the screenshots. Apparently it's only for s22/s22+ users only. Would be nice if there was a compatibility patch for those phones since those are one of the newer Samsung models and probably a lot of Samsung users have them by now.

This bug occurs every game , no matter the graphics. I reinstalled and downloaded everything but nothing changed. I also can't change the graphics through the phone so it can't be fixed externally.

There are various forums and videos on YouTube on that topic so it's surely not only my phone.

Here are various screenshots from different maps and a short gameplay footage.

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