No terror radius in second hock stage

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The hocked person has no terror radius while being on second hock stage on the hock. The visual terror radius is missing too. I think this is since the anti camping update. It happens for players on Nintendo Switch and Epic Games Store, and I can't tell if it is happening on the other platforms as well.

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  • EQWashu
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    Hey Atom4000!

    I wanted to get some more information regarding this to help get a better understanding of the issue <3

    • Can I get what character(s) you are playing when this occurs?
    • If you are able to recall, what perks did you use in these matches?
    • In regard to the hooked Survivor, I want to just clarify you cannot see their aura (Terror Radius is the term for the "heartbeat" the Killer emits when nearby, so I wanted to double-check that).

    Thank you!

  • LapisInfernalis
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    I don't remember when it vanished. But it iss also missing the terror radius when I am hooked in stage 2 on Steam.

    Characters: (I played a lot characters and it was missing every time even with visual heartbeat) Jeff, Chris, Claudette, Nea, Yui, Feng.

    Perks: (seems to be independent) Iron Will, Object, OTR, MFT, DS, DH, Blast Mine, Hope, SB, Technician, Kindred.

  • Atom4000
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    I've tested it a little bit more, know. It still occurs. It occurs with every survivor I've played so far and is perk independent.

    On these matches I've played with: Made for this; Resilience; Dead Hard; We'll make it; Kindred; Quick and Quiet; Lithe; Dance with me.

    The visual terror radius completely disappears (including the lullaby from huntress, for example). The sound terror radius, the heartbeat disappears, but not the sound lullaby.

    The only thing you can hear or see is the sound lullaby, but not the visual heartbeat lullaby.

    The killer aura is shown correctly from kindred, for example.

    I've also added two screenshots to show. In the first screenshot I'm in first hock stage and everything is normal but on the second screenshot I'm on secon hock stage and everything is gone.

  • Venusa
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    Yeah I realized this bug too for some time. When you're on hook it sounds like the killer left the area but when someone unhooks you it's like the killer was actually close and didn't leave that far. They aren't undetectable either.

    So it's like hooked person can't hear the terror radius until they get unhooked.