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What can I do, when my Heal, Gen, or Hook Status Bar doesn't run fluent?

Zabulus87 Member Posts: 9
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I changed my internet provider 3 weeks ago. I have a new fritzbox 7590 router. And the fastpath option is active from my internet provider. I have super ping, no package lost, all ports open, and the priority on my ps5. But still the status bar on dbd doesn't run fluent. Sometime it goes slower and faster or it jumps. What can I do to fix that. Skill checks are perfect but when I heal someone I have that problem with jumping bar. I play on ps5 with LAN cable. I don't mean the jumps from perfect skill checks or from perks. Is it an issue with the game or my router or the internet provider? What can I do? Maybe someone can help me!

Greetz Zab87