DBD causing pc to lag/freeze

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Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Play as survivor in a public match

Step 3 : play normal gameplay

Step 4 : game becomes slow and laggy. PC also goes slow and laggy. Even after closing DBD my PC continues to go slow

Additionally - today i was sat in the pre lobby screen spending BP and it happened. So I dont need to be in game for it to happen. Just having the game running is enough

Additional information

  • Feng
  • Any means necessary, Windows, Blast Mine, Distortion
  • all
  • Frequency of the issue - so often it seems all the time - today it happened from 5pm

I have over 1k hours into the game on my Pc and have played DBD for a long time.

Since the event ended on 6/11/23 I have experienced my game becoming extremely lagging/freezing, which also causes my PC to completely slow down , where it does not recognise any button presses from my mouse or keyboard for a very long time. I have to restart my PC to get it back to normal.

This is not happening when playing any other game so it must be a bug on DBD's side.

I have searched through the bug logs and i cannot see one logged. There is mention of it on the steam

community hub of people having the same issue.

I dont know what i can give you to demonstrate what is happening, but if there is anything i can give that will help i will send it over.

I have completed a delete-reinstall of the game and this has not stopped the issue from occuring.

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This looks like a technical issue, if you still require assistance please ask other forum users in the Ask the Community sub section as we do not offer technical support on this forum. We suggest that you contact our support here: https://www.bhvr.com/contact-us-2/

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