Dead By Daylight Rank System

Hello there,

I always joke with my friend about playing Clash Royale after I die in a DBD match, but I found something in Clash Royale that I actually think DBD could incorporate.

Clash Royale uses a system similar to DBD's rank system. You rank up all month and then once that month ends, then your progress is reset, but Clash Royale makes this reset easier. Clash takes your previous month's rank into account and give you a multiplier for the new season. For example: One season I was ranked very high in Clash and then I was a bit sad about going back to bronze. They started me at an 8x multiplier. My first win in ranked was equivalent to 8 wins, my next win was 7, and then 6, etc etc.

I was thinking about how to apply this to DBD and I think it would be quite simple. You could do something where the pips in the game are on a 2x multiplier for "X" amount of games. Obviously the values could be different, but for example it could work like this -

Previous Season - How many games you get Double Pips

Ash - 0

Bronze - 3

Silver - 6

Gold - 10

Iridescent - 15

This is encouraging players to still play and not be so worried about the hard climb back to red ranks if someone doesn't have time every month to play that many games. Also someone could build up, so if they were Bronze and they only played a limited amount of games those 3 2x multiplier games could be a big difference in possibly getting them silver. This also isn't just a free handout. You still have to play the game and pip to get the double reward (which actually encourages people to play those games for pips). I think it would make rank reset more fun and also help those higher ranked players get back to their desired ranks without lingering in ash tormenting a portion of the player base for too long.

What do you all think? Would this serve it's desired purpose or would it have some kind of unknown side effect on the game?

(Also I wish we could see rank of others as well as MMR, but that's beating a dead horse.)

Thanks for reading this far if you have. Have a wonderful day, especially if you're a Billy main!