Myers shakeup idea

So I've been getting the impression a lot of people feel Myers isn't keeping up with the other killers, and I don't know if I'm the person to weigh in on that or not cause I just like to play casually. All that said, I think myers would be tons of fun if t2 myers had undetectable and t3 myers had a massive terror radius, like 64m or something.

Would it work? Maybe. Would it be broken? Maybe. Would it be awesome and make myers fun to play and induce panic rushes halfway across the map whenever he bumped T3? Definately. IDK, I just think it could be really fun if BHVR felt like experimenting with something potentially crazy on a slow weekend.


  • Seraphor
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    I'd just like T1 Myers to be regular speed. He already has no lunge, is being the slowest M1 killer really necessary?

  • HandsomeJack_049
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    Myers just shows his age now. His ability is relatively simple and doesn't have the utility that many modern killers have (built in slowdown, built in traversal, etc.). He also has some of the worst add ons in all of DBD's killer roster (while also having probably the single strongest add on as well.) He needs love.

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    What I wouldn’t give for a fresh coat of paint to Myers…

     I get that he’s still enjoyed by both newer players, as well as at a low-mid MMR, but I think he’s really showing his age now in terms of his physical appearance (lower quality textures), particularly simplistic/dated power (lack of secondary utility to his power, also finite amount of available use), as well as both useless and game breaking add-ons (tombstone/tombstone piece insta-kill in particular, given there’s no way of knowing prior to the first unsuspecting survivor getting deleted)

     I got so hopeful to see Myers’ name on the most recent 2023-2024 roadmap, but sadly no luck ☹

  • Archol123
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    When using the dead rabbit addon and or monitor and abuse your terror radius is already so small that it is neglectable, so the only thing the undetectable would add is the immunity against aura reading, fine I guess, but it would not make him that much stronger tbh.

    They could increase his t1 movements peed to 110%,while giving the mirror addon for t1 105% so this does not become even more annoying to go against. And make it so stalk can regenerate, then we only need to get rid of tombstone piece and some of his useless addons and he is in a fine spot.

    I don't think such a massive heartbeat would really help in any way.