MMR should decay with inactivity

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For context, I'm a final year university student who needed to stop playing games for a while to give all my attention to my studies. Good news is that I did really well and I am very hopefull that I will pass and graduate with my degree in January.

However, as such, this means I haven't played DBD since just before the release of Alien.

Yesterday, I came back to DbD and tried to play a bit, queuing up my old favorite, Doctor, and play a couple of games. However, I immediately noticed that I was extremely rusty, but I still went up against survivors that were at my previous skill Level.

I know muscle memory comes back with time, but after 4 games of getting absolutely stomped because my lunge prediction and game sense was not what it used to be, with some matches featuring some unpleasant survivors, I'm demotivated to play.

I really feel like mmr should decay due to long stretches of inactivity to accommodate this. Theoretically it makes sense as while being rusty, I should perform at the level of newer survivors, and as I get my old mojo and muscle memory back, and perform well, my mmr should naturally increase to what it once was.

Do you think this is a good idea or should I just suck it up?

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