Pretty gamebreaking if you ask me

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Played on coldwind against a pig. I got a nice partyhat, and it became active. So the counter is to search the boxes and get it off right?

But the catch: she ran the perk Hex: reveals the darkness where you scream "once in while".

With an active partyhat, i literally tried searching the box but the perk interrupted me at every attempt. And resetting my progress to start. Compare this with a slower addon to search boxes and it is impossible to get your hat off.

So this is exactly what happened to me. I died, cause of a perk that makes me scream while i search a box, and apparently i need my hands to scream instead of just screaming and keep doing what i am doing. I tried searching 4 times the same box, every time had to start at zero yet again and its literally impossible with this hex up. I died to the trap, cause it was literally impossible to get it off. In soloqueue as well, so no way to communicate with your teammates as well that you are dying not to the trap itself, but because of a perk that interrupts your searching on every try and sets your progress to zero.

I would say, pretty gamebreaking this perk on pig.

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