Even after todays update, pain res and/or Deadlock are still bugged.

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Platform: PS5

Killer: happens on any killer running both pain res and deadlock.

Map: all maps.

Steps to recreate. Have both pain res and deadlock as perks. Have a gen get completed triggering deadlock on the next highest generator, while deadlock is active, even if there is another generator with progress, if you hook a survivor on a pain res hook, it'll proc on the deadlock generator but not do any regression. Wasting a scourge hook entirely.

Pain res and deadlock both seem to work correctly when by themselves, but if you are running both together bug occurs.

Originally reported this bug on the 12th, and tested again today 11/28 after the newest update (tested borgo, and dead dawg) and it still hasn't been fixed, this is a pretty big issue when it comes to trying to regress gens as a killer.

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Thank you for your report.

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