Character Bug: Trickster's Main Event Throw Rate

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It seems the Trickster's throw rate during Main Event is still capped at 3 blades thrown per second, the change is unlisted if it will remain at 3 blades per second during Main Event on current power description or if it is meant to be maxed out at 4 blades thrown per second.

This game was played in a Custom Game with all bot players. My perks are Shadowborn, Bamboozle, Agitation, and Deadlock.

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This has been already reported and it's under review. Thank you!


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    On this point, the change log says: Blade-ready movement speed: removed per-throw movement speed reduction.

    Did we revert the accelerated throw speed towards the end of a throw? Or is this also a bug? Because right now the throw speed is set and never increases.

    Is it this change (?): Revert time between throws to 0.33 sec (was 0.25).

  • huxenjoyer92
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    I'm not sure, I'm guessing it might be something equal to the second listed change. Right now it's making Trickster's Main Event feel bad and buggy to play with.

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